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Welcome to 2014 where you are all using computers in one form or another on a daily basis. The computer used to be seen as something you just have at work or school or if you were lucky enough a large static device that sat in the corner of the room waiting to be switch on. It’s now part of everyday life for all of us, be it from making a call home, tweeting or updating your Facebook status on your smart phone, checking your bus app for the bus times on your iPad before you leave the house,using Skype to keep in touch with your children as they travel around the world or making that important conference call at work. In one way or another you all use technology, until it goes wrong. This is why our services are tailored to the user.

We have a client portfolio including hundreds of individuals that we have helped at home with their personal computers, tablets, iPads, phones, printers, cameras and software. Also individuals that we have tutored on software used for a work or university projects that were just a step too far for their technical knowledge. Clients that work from home or want advice on setting up an office at home and clients that have their own businesses that we support to allow them to focus on delivering their services to their customer. We also have many clients within the Education sector allowing us to maintain their computer networks while they focus on educating the next generation of computer geniuses.

First Line Support are here to advice you as to the best course of action to suit your needs, both technically and financially when it comes to anything computer related, however big or small you think it might be we would like to help guide you from start to finish with your project.

Often people who use technology aren’t technologically minded and just don’t know where to start or what to do when something goes wrong. First Line Support has fifteen years’ experience in this industry as IT consultants and therefore are well equipped to support your needs.

We are also Dell Partners allowing us access to the latest Dell products and product literature so we can advise you as to the best product to suit your requirements and as Dell partners we get some of the best pricing available to help you afford the device that’s right for you.

We are also Microsoft Partners so we get the chance to trial new product releases and thus more time to experience their new operating system or version of office before it arrives for general use.

You can also view our site blog find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to give you an idea of what we do as we like to keep our clients, friends and family updated with what we do at work and what services we offer, not to mention showing all how computing can be fun and enjoyable.

Installations and Projects

Looking at new offices that need structured cabling, Wi-Fi network or Server. Need an interactive white board, projection system or digital signage.

ICT For Schools

We offer excellent IT Services for schools. Click here for more information!

Technical Support / Remote Support

We offer technical support services for both businesses and clients at home for any of your computing needs.